SACE Stage 2

SACE Stage 2

Introduction to the SACE

What is SACE?

  • SACE stands for South Australian Certificate of Education
  • A qualification for entry into universities and further training that is recognised nationally and internationally
  • The SACE is flexible, and caters for learning both in and outside school
  • Students can combine study and part-time work, a traineeship or school-based apprenticeship
  • Students can receive credit for SACE subjects, vocational education and training, community learning, and university studies

SACE Requirements

  • Students need 200 credits to achieve the SACE of which at least 70 must be at Stage 2
  • Most 10-credit subjects are studied over one semester and most 20-credit subjects are studied over two semesters
  • Students need to achieve a C grade or higher for Stage 1 requirements and a C- grade or higher for Stage 2 requirements to achieve the SACE

SACE Stage 2

The SACE Stage 2 Curriculum is usually undertaken by students in Year 12. At Stage 2 students select subjects to the value of 80 credits (60 of which must be at Stage 2 to fulfil the requirements of the SACE).

To be eligible for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) students need to select and successfully complete (C- grade or higher) four 20 credit Tertiary Admissions Subjects (TAS) subjects (80 credits) plus the Research Project (10 credits) for a total of 90 credits . They must also have successfully completed all compulsory requirements of the SACE.

SMAF: Stage 2 Chemistry, Physics and Specialist Mathematics are delivered at the Flinders University Science and Mathematics Academy at Flinders (SMAF) .

Extension Studies at Flinders University: Stage 2 students, not involved in SMAF, may apply to undertake ONE subject at Flinders University, which will count as both a TAS Stage 2 subject and be accredited as a First Year University subject. Further details available via the Extension Studies Flinders University website.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) in SACE: As part of their SACE (Stage 1 and 2), students can complete vocational education and training (VET). The flexibility of the SACE means that students can achieve their SACE with a focus on VET. Recognition can be given for up to 150 SACE credits at Stage 1 and/or Stage 2 for successfully completed VET. For more information please visit the APHS Vocational Education and Training Page.

2018 Stage 2 Subject Selection Form

Additional Information about the SACE

Year 12 (SACE Stage 2) Subjects 
The Arts
Music - Ensemble Performance
Music - Musicianship
Music - Performance Special Study
Music - Solo Performance
Visual Arts

Business and Enterprise
Community Studies A
Workplace Practices

Design and Technology
Communication Products: Photography
Information Technology
Material Products: Furniture Construction
Material Products: Metalwork

Essential English
English Literary Studies

Health and Personal Development
Child Studies
Food and Hospitality
Outdoor Education
Physical Education
Physical Education - Integrated Learning
Humanities and Social Sciences
Ancient Studies
Legal Studies

French (Beginners)
Japanese (Continuers)
Spanish (Continuers)

Essential Mathematics
Essential Mathematics: Community Studies B
General Mathematics
Mathematical Methods
Specialist Mathematics (SMAF)

Chemistry (SMAF)
Physics (SMAF)

Vocational Education and Training (VET)
VET - Certificate II in Community Services (Children's Services)
VET - Doorways 2 Construction (Certificate 1 in Construction)

Please click on the link below to download the subject selection form

2018 Stage 2 Subject Selection Form

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