iPads and Laptops @ APHS

Welcome to the iPads and Laptops @ APHS support site.

If you are new to Aberfoyle Park High School, please download our “Getting Started on Your iPad” guide.

BYO Student Device Requirements

Year 8-10 Compulsory iPad

All Year 8 students and new students to the school in Years 9 and 10 are expected to have an iPad ready for day 1 of school. Year 8 – 10 students may choose to bring an Apple MacBook instead of an iPad as laptops are a better option once students move into Senior School. 

iPad Specifications:

Students will need a model with a minimum of 32GB storage and a 64GB model is recommended. We also recommend the newest version of the iPad, however, if your child already has an iPad made in the last three years (minimum 32GB), this will be satisfactory. iPad Mini’s are not recommended as they are considered to be too small for use at school.

We have an excellent Wi-Fi service at APHS and so students will not need a cellular enabled iPad.

Year 8 – 10 Apple MacBook Specifications:

As an Apple School, we recommend the Apple MacBook Air 13”. We know this is a robust, durable and reliable machine.

Senior School compulsory device

Senior School students in Years 11 and 12 are required to bring their own laptop to school. An iPad can be used right through to Year 12 however many students find that a laptop becomes a better option once they move into Senior School. Please note; students will have limited access to loan laptops from the Library. In addition to these loan machines students can still access two PC rooms and state of the art computers in Art, Design Technology and Music.

Note: if students already have a laptop they do not need to purchase another device, however if you are considering buying a new machine we provide the following specifications to ensure that students have a device that is suitable for use at school.

Senior School Specifications

As an Apple School, we recommend the Apple MacBook Air 13”. We know this is a robust, durable and reliable machine. However, an Apple laptop is not mandatory in the Senior School.

The minimum required PC specification for longevity would be a laptop with an:
  • Intel Core i5 Processor or better
  • 8Gb of Ram or more
  • 265Gb SSD Hard drive or more

Please contact our IT team with any queries at helpdesk@aphs.sa.edu.au