Sport is a vital and vibrant feature of the Aberfoyle Park High School Program.  The extensive range of sports and the variety of competitions provides opportunities for all students to participate.

We promote participation in an extensive sport program that provides students with opportunities to participate in both “come and try” and elite level competition. The sporting calendar promotes and supports Secondary School Sport SA programs locally and nationally.
Students can participate in a variety of sporting activities such as athletics, basketball, netball, tennis, soccer, cricket, football, badminton, cross country, cycling, surfing and orienteering.

Our sports program is supported through our community school links to the Happy Valley Sports facilities which give us access to quality ovals, soccer pitches, tennis courts, bowling greens and even a BMX track.

A house system supports and encourages teamwork, cooperation, participation and a sense of belonging. We have six houses; Fraser (Green), Bradman (Blue), Moneghetti (Yellow), Barassi (Purple), Freeman (Red) and Thorpe (White).


2018 Aberfoyle Park High School House Captains



Senior School Captain: Amy


Senior School Captain: Joe


Middle School Captain: Belle


Middle School Captain: Dylan


Senior School Captain: Simon

Senior Vice Captain: Tayla


Middle School Captain: Aidan


Middle School Captain: Sophie





Senior School Captain: Latysha


Senior School Captain: Tia

 Senior Vice Captain: Chelsea


Middle School Captain: Cameron


Senior School Captain: Leila

Senior School Captain: Elise

Senior Vice Captain: Jia

 Middle School Captain: Bryce



Middle School Captain: Saif

Middle School Captain: Shae





Senior School Captain: Matt

Senior School Captain: Laura

Senior Vice Captain: Liam

Middle School Captain: Cassie