Enrolment Information


Transition to High School:

Our transition program ensures that students feel prepared and supported within their new environment. We invite prospective families to tour our school and meet our dedicated staff.

During Term 1 each year, we hold an Open Night to showcase our school facilities and specialist programs. In addition, you may wish to join one of our Principal’s Tours, which take place throughout the year. Booking can be made online via the link on the homepage.

This year we saw our first Year 7 cohort become part of our school community which was an exciting new step forward for our school. As we continue to welcome new families, our transition program for 2022 builds upon our current program to ensure all enrolling students feel a strong sense of connectedness.

Enrolment Process:

Year 7 students at public primary schools will receive application information from their school.
There is an online registration of interest form for public school families who will receive a unique URL for their child via email or letter from their primary school at the beginning of Term 2, 2022. Details can be found here: https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-and-learning/schools/choosing-a-school/enrolling-in-high-school

Year 7 students at non-government schools who are in-zone and wish to apply for Aberfoyle Park High School can receive application information by emailing: education.startingsecondaryschool@sa.gov.au

Aberfoyle Park Zone:

Our school zone is a defined area surrounding our school from which we accept the core intake of students. A student’s zoned school is determined according to their primary place of residence. To confirm if your permanent residential address is within the shared zone, use the Department for Education School Finder Tool:

Students residing within the Aberfoyle Park High School zone will be enrolled if they apply. For students residing outside of the zone, acceptance is subject to capacity.

Out of Zone:

Depending on capacity and the availability of places, we may accept enrolment requests from students outside our zone. You can register your interest to attend our school on the Registration of Interest form by indicating Aberfoyle Park High School as your ‘Choice 1 School’.

If places are available, selection for entry will be based on:

• distance from your home to our school
• curriculum requirements that cannot be offered at your local school
• social and family links to our school
• transport and location convenience
• compelling reasons which prohibit your child from attending their local school

If you are not offered a place at any of your choice schools, you will be added to the ranked waiting list for the school and offered a place if one becomes available. If there isn’t a place available at your choice of secondary school you will be offered a place at your local school.
Students who are allocated to Aberfoyle Park High School for commencement of Year 7 in 2023 will be advised around mid-August 2022.
For further advice please email us at transition@aphs.sa.edu.au

Please find a link to the school's information brochure for 2022 here:

Student Information Brochure


Transition Update:

Aberfoyle Park High School will send an enrolment email to families that have been offered a placement for 2022 by 14 August, 2022. The email will include: a link to your online enrolment form, permission forms for you to sign and return to the school.

Hard copies of packs will be provided by our school and then distributed by primary schools for those families that do not have an email address. If you would like to receive a printed version to complete, please contact the school at your earliest convenience.

If you choose not to accept an offer, please inform us and your currently government primary school, as soon as possible.

Note: accepting an offer will not prevent your child from being considered in later offers, if applicable, or selective special interest program offers from other schools (e.g., round 2 offers). 

Wellbeing Support:

Supporting your child throughout their final year of primary school can be a difficult period of time. The move from a familiar place to a new environment can present challenges for your young person, so ensuring their wellbeing is supported is essential.

As part of our commitment to the wellbeing of all students, we engage with a number of organisations as part of our Wellbeing for Learning Program which is delivered to each year level and tailored to the needs of our learners.

Below are websites as reference points and strategies that can assist families when discussing the move:

The Transition from Primary to Secondary School:


The Importance of a Successful Transition:


Starting Secondary School: