BYOD Device Options:

  • Option 1: Use the purchasing portal made available by Aberfoyle Park High School to assist families to purchase a device either upfront or through monthly payments.
  • Option 2: Use an existing device from home that meets the minimum BYOD requirements, manufactured within the last 3 years
  • Option 3: Purchase the device from an external supplier that meets the below requirements.

Minimum BYOD Requirements
The following will help you in selecting and purchasing a device for your child to use while they are at school. While there are many options, there are minimum specifications required to support your child’s learning at Aberfoyle Park High School.  

Device Type – Windows Laptop, Notebook, Macbook
Operating System – Windows 10 or newer (except Windows in 'S' mode), macOS
Processor – Intel Core i3, 6th Gen or better
Memory – Minimum 8 GB
Battery – Minimum 8 hours
Wireless – 802.11n, ac or ax (must support 5 Ghz band)
Weight – No more than 2.5Kg
Storage – Minimum 256 GB Solid State
Screen Size – Minimum 13"
Additional Considerations:
The following are not requirements of the BYOD program, but should be strongly considered when purchasing a device:

  •   Hard cover protective case recommended
  •   Minimum 3-year warranty and insurance recommended
  •   USB-C port that supports charging

We have produced a printable version of these requirements that you can take with you if going to an in-person retailer, please click here.

It is necessary for students to have local-administrator privileges on their laptops, to enable them to install and use the resources they need for learning at school.

When a student enters senior school, the importance of reliable, secure IT is more critical than the earlier years of their schooling. For this reason, we recommend that when a student enters senior school, they will be working on a newly purchased laptop. An extra consideration is that many SACE exams are now conducted electronically. This means that a student’s device must have a reasonable battery life (minimum 3 hours for SACE exams), which reduces the viability of continuing to use a device that the student already has. An ipad is not suitable for senior school.

Devices that are not suitable for our environment:

  •   Android tablets
  •   Chromebooks
  •   iPad Minis

If you have any questions about the BYOD implementation, the application of the policy to your circumstances or regarding alternate device arrangements, please contact the APHS IT Helpdesk by emailing